An Introduction

Electocity is a giant electronics product Manufacturer and Trader of India. It is the only exclusive products trader who sells exclusive and economical range electronic products in Marketplaces.

Now introduced online E-Commerce Portal to avail best products on cheaper rates with biggest benefits. Global Brand Private Limited provides services and solutions that include distribution of All kinds of Mobile Accessories, Electronic Products and regular utility products like: Chargers, Cables, Bluetooth headphones, earphones, Speakers, Car Accessories and many other electronic utility products in India.

The company was formed back in 2017 with a vision is to build a beautiful tomorrow. The company offers today a broad array of products range caters an active customer base of over 10000 customers nationwide.

Continuous technology upgradation has been our guiding mantra ever since long time, when we came into being.With an eye on the developing demands of trade. The Company has been rapid to acknowledge with brand new products over the years.

In-house R&D has remained the company’s prime strength.Modify new technologies for developing products perfectly fitted to Indian conditions, we have put up at the vanguard of the accessories market.

In fact, thanks to this research, the company today offers the widest range of systems –computerised to manual- for the widest spectrum of Electronic accessories for Mobiles and Cars with add-on different-different utility products.From primary product designing to associated hardware and software development. We have the ability to manufacture enlightened systems from design to finish.